Shared Life Small Groups 

The Heartbeat of Heartland is its Shared Life Small Group Ministry. Our small groups ministry is called "Shared Life" because we encourage our people to do life together as demonstrated in Acts 2:42-47. Our groups are intentional, relational and reproducible with the goal of relationship building within the context of Bible study.  

Our current list of groups include:

Sundays @ 2:00pm:

~Gene and Cheri Stockton at 2024 33rd Street Sioux City IA 51104. Call Cheri at 712-204-4631 with any questions. 

Sundays @ 3:00pm:

~David & Kathryn Moore 3227 Cheyenne Blvd Sioux City, IA 51104  Call Scott at 712-899-2235 with any questions.

Sundays TBD:

~Jerry and Connie Hernandez at 1205 Olaf Court Sioux City IA 51104. Call Jerry at 712-202-8685 with any questions.

Sundays @ 4:00pm:

~Chris and Sarah Boesch at 1615 34th Street Sioux City IA 51104. Call Chris at 712-560-2085 with any questions. 

~Dave and Linda Guggenmos at 3411 7th Avenue Sioux City IA 51106. Call 712-274-1819 with any questions.

~Alex and Sonia Quintanilla at 2824 Summit Sioux City IA 51104. Call Sonia at 712-389-1928 with any questions. 

Sundays @ 5:00pm:

~Kelly and Kathy Bach, Hosted by Richard and JoAnne Jeffs at   31939 Juniper Avenue Hinton IA 51024. Call Richard at 712-     490-2413 with any questions.

Sundays @ 6:00pm (Beginning 9/17/17):

~(Facilitator is currently unknown), hosted by 'D' and Polly Sandorskey at 2006 Peachtree Ct. Sioux City, IA 51104. Call Marty (712-   253-3748) or 'D' (712-490-0078) with questions.

Thursdays @ 6:00pm (Re-start 9/14/17):

~Gary and Linda Olsen at Heartland Church Cafe Area. Call 712-898-1921 with any questions.

Thursdays @ 6:30pm (Start TBD):

~(Facilitator is currently unknown), hosted by Larry and Melanie   Dicks at 2115 Florence Avenue Sioux City IA 51109. Call Melanie at 712-204-4182 with any questions or to be the facilitator.

Fridays @ 6:30pm:

~Pablo and Leticia Quintanilla at 3535 Seattle Avenue Sioux City IA 51103. Call 712-635-4941 with any questions. 

If you're interested in joining one of our Shared Life Groups, please contact one of the above leaders or fill out the form below and someone will contact you.

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